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Globally expanding Phy-mongShe in the aesthetic and spa market

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Product map

Product map
Face   Product Name Function
Four Season Cleansing Water Blossom Cleansing Serum Hypo-allergenic cleansing serum
Perfect Melting cleansing Lotion Fresh cleansing lotion
Deep Cleansing Aromatic Deep Clean Mask Enzyme cream mask
Toner Four Season Boosting Toner Moisturizing aroma toner
Eye Cream Wrinkle-Tox Eye & Neck Moisturizing aroma toner
Ampoule Water Blossom Collagen - F Ampoule Moisturizing collagen ampoule
White Toning Glossy Ampoule Whitening ampoule
Age Shield Revital Ampoule Anti-wrinkle ampoule
Serum Water Blossom Hydro Serum Rich moisture serum
Blue Sea Corset Serum Pore tightening serum
White Toning Clearance Serum Whitening serum
Age Shield Enriched Cream Anti-wrinkle EGF serum
Cream Water Blossom Hydro Cream High moisture cream
White Toning Clearance Cream Whitening cream
Age Shield Recovery Cream Anti-wrinkle high nutrition serum
Cream Mask Water Blossom Windy Mask Cool cream mask for calming, moisturinzing
Blue Sea Corset Mask Mud mask for pore tightening, elasticity
White Toning Whipping Mask Whipping cream mask for vibrant look
Highly-Enriched Snowy Mask High nutrifion technique cream mask
Gel Hydro pH Balance Gel Moisturizing soothing essence
Aqua Marine Calming Gel Trouble soothing essence
Four Season Recovery Kit Four Season Boosting Toner Moisturizing aroma toner
Water Blossom Cleansing Serum High moisture serum
Age Shield Recovery Serum Anti-wrinkle nutrition serum
Water Blossom Hydro Cream High moisture cream
Aroma SPA Cream Aroma Healer Natural high nutrition balm-typed aroma
Oil Hygine Highly-concentrated soothing aroma
Roseth Anti-wrinkle regenerating aroma
Special Product Modeling Spirulina Modeling Mask Modeling mask for smooth skin texture
Peppermint Modeling Mask Modeling mask for calming, moisturizing
Rosevita C Modeling Mask Modeling mask for vibrant look
Paonia Modeling Mask Modeling mask for nutrition supply, elasticity
Foam Cleansing Soft Deep Clear Water Foam cleanser for sensitive skin
PHYTOGEL Slightly acid foam cleanser
BB Aqua Blemish Cover Balm BB Cream
Sun Cream Perfect Sunblock Plus UV light protector SPF45 PA+++
Special Mask Q10 Renewal Essence Mask Sheet mask for moisturizing, vibrant look
28 Minutes Lifting Signal Peptide special mask
Special Cream Green X Injector Cream EGF/IGF-1 high nutrition technique cream
Special Program Peeling Kit
Swanipeel Ferment peel program
Product map
Body STEP1 Perspiration Thermo-cell O₂ Fluid Mild heat body fluid
D2-Complex Gel Body hot gel prevent skin dehydration
STEP2 Circulation Peaceful Your Mind Releasing aroma release tension
More Womanizer Aroma for woman
Wind in Forest Anti-stress cooling aroma
Lust Shaper Aroma care for lumpy skin texture
STEP3 Shaping Up Thermo-Cell Active Cream Techqniue cream for skin suppieness
Lipotoxin Cream Coffee Technique cream with mild heat
Phyto-Hormone Balance Oil Fresh technique oil
Detox-Cooling Lotion Cooling body lotion
Relax Technique Paonia Renewal Active Cream Technique cream care for rough skin
Rosevita C Active Cream Technique cream cream for vibrant look
Chlorella Soothing Active Cream Technique cream for sensitive skin
STEP4 Toxin Discharge Lanachrys Gel Slimming hot pack for elasticity
Porex BG Powder Body pack for skin stress release
Wrap-Up Body Slender Mild heat body mask
Body Gripper Freezing fluid
STEP4 Finish Touch Celluzone Body Shape Expert Body hot cream care for orange peel
Circle-zone Body Scrub Body shower scrub