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Globally expanding Phy-mongShe in the aesthetic and spa market

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Brand Identity

Aesthetic & Spa Professional Brand– Phy-mongShe

What is a season of your skin?

Phy-mongShe started to deliver a beauty made by therapist’s ‘Touch’.
The best healing that women feel is the LOVE and INTEREST and Spa ritual delivered from someone’s touch is the best time for you.
Phy-mongShe was created with various experiences of therapist, it aims to provide healthy beauty to customer with differentiated products.
Phy-mongShe promises sincere and genuine product to customers.


  • phy-mongshe
    • As an Aesthetic & Spa professional brand based on therapy, it not only minimizes skin trouble but also provides safe effect and beauty.
    • ※ Tree Symbol / 7Free
    • –Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Mineral oil, Triethanolamine, Benzophenone,
      Artificial flavoring agents, Artificial colors,

Meaning of Phy-mongShe Logo

여성의 꿈이 피어나는 화장품

The Right Recipe

  • dream mintSky, Water
  • skin beigeHuman, Earth, Tree

Refers to everything on earth that coexists with natureMaintains the healthiness of natural skin. Our product development activities advocate minimum use of artificial ingredients for skin protection. * 7 Free: Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, Mineral oil, Artificial flavoring agents, Artificial colors, Benzophenone

4 Season Story

What is a season of your skin?

Nature is the best gift and source of healing granted to human beings.

All living creatures on earth coexist with nature, adapting themselves to changes in the natural environment.

The biggest change in nature is climate.

The human skin also goes through the process of adapting to external deterioration factors, resulting in aging or skin troubles.

As skin troubles affected by seasonal characteristics are closely related to skin type, it is very important to pay attention to the occurrence of skin troubles originated from aging and skin symptoms caused by seasonal change.

We have incorporated the benefits from nature into our products to deliver the intense energy of flowers of the season that are in full blossom against seasonal deterioration factors.

Phy-mongShe 4 SEASON STORY

springSoothing, Moisturizing
- Spring colds
- Yellow dust
- Drought
- Diurnal temperature range
- Dry and sensitive season
summerPore tightening
- High temperature and humidity
- Rainy season
- UV
- Beginning of the winter season
- UV
- Fall foliage, leaves
- Cold wave
- Lack of sunshine
- Cold and dry air
- Drought
- Undernourishment

Program view

Phy-mongShe list
  Spring Soothing, Moisturizing Summer Pore tightening Fall Whitening Winter Anti-aging
  • - Spring colds
  • - Yellow dust
  • - Drought
  • - Diurnal temperature range
  • - Dry and sensitive season
  • - High temperature and humidity
  • - Rainy season
  • - UV
  • - Beginning of the winter season
  • - UV
  • - Fall foliage, leaves
  • - Cold wave
  • - Lack of sunshine
  • - Cold and dry air
  • - Drought
  • - Undernourishment
Cleansing Water Blossom Cleansing SerumWater Blossom
Cleansing Serum
Perfect Melting Cleansing LotionPerfect Melting
Cleansing Lotion
Aromatic Deep Clean MaskAromatic
Deep Clean Mask
Toner Four Season Boosting TonerFour Season
Boosting Toner
Toner Wrinkle Tox Eye & NeckWrinkle Tox Eye & Neck
Ampoule Water Blossom Collagen - F AmpouleWater Blossom
Collagen - F Ampoule
White Toning Glossy AmpouleWhite Toning Glossy
Age Shield Revital AmpouleAge Shield Revital
Serum Water Blossom Hydro SerumWater Blossom
Hydro Serum
Blue Sea Corset SerumBlue Sea Corset Serum White Toning Clearance SerumWhite Toning
Clearance Serum
Age Shield Recovery SerumAge Shield
Recovery Serum
Cream Water Blossom Hydro CreamWater Blossom
Hydro Cream
White Toning Clearance CreamWhite Toning
Clearance Cream
Age Shield Enriched CreamAge Shield
Enriched Cream
Mask Water Blossom Windy MaskWater Blossom
Windy Mask
Blue Sea Corset MaskBlue Sea Corset Mask White Toning Whipping MaskWhite Toning
Whipping Mask
Highly-Enriched Snowy MaskHighly-Enriched
Snowy Mask

Detox n Balance Body Story

  • Self-heating program using the elevation of body temperature (Self heating program)
  • Cryotherapy program using body temperature balance (Cryotherapy program)

A healthy person maintains his or her body temperature at 36.5℃.

The self-heating program makes your heavy body feel lighter, and the cryotherapy program gently and minutely moves muscles in your body, helping the circulation of fat cells and improving your physical health.

This program consists of 5 steps that induce circulation in your body, rather than resorting to strong friction and pressure, to ensure that your body is especially cared for.

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