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Globally expanding Phy-mongShe in the aesthetic and spa market

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Four Season Stroy

Well – Aging -Seasonable Skin Condition Recovery Program

Phy-mongShe list
  Spring Soothing, Moisturizing Summer Pore tightening Fall Whitening Winter Anti-aging
  • - Spring colds
  • - Yellow dust
  • - Drought
  • - Diurnal temperature range
  • - Dry and sensitive season
  • - High temperature and humidity
  • - Rainy season
  • - UV
  • - Beginning of the winter season
  • - UV
  • - Fall foliage, leaves
  • - Cold wave
  • - Lack of sunshine
  • - Cold and dry air
  • - Drought
  • - Undernourishment
Cleansing Water Blossom Cleansing SerumWater Blossom
Cleansing Serum
Perfect Melting Cleansing LotionPerfect Melting
Cleansing Lotion
Aromatic Deep Clean MaskAromatic
Deep Clean Mask
Toner Four Season Boosting TonerFour Season
Boosting Toner
Toner Wrinkle Tox Eye & NeckWrinkle Tox Eye & Neck
Ampoule Water Blossom Collagen - F AmpouleWater Blossom
Collagen - F Ampoule
White Toning Glossy AmpouleWhite Toning Glossy
Age Shield Revital AmpouleAge Shield Revital
Serum Water Blossom Hydro SerumWater Blossom
Hydro Serum
Blue Sea Corset SerumBlue Sea Corset Serum White Toning Clearance SerumWhite Toning
Clearance Serum
Age Shield Recovery SerumAge Shield
Recovery Serum
Cream Water Blossom Hydro CreamWater Blossom
Hydro Cream
White Toning Clearance CreamWhite Toning
Clearance Cream
Age Shield Enriched CreamAge Shield
Enriched Cream
Mask Water Blossom Windy MaskWater Blossom
Windy Mask
Blue Sea Corset MaskBlue Sea Corset Mask White Toning Whipping MaskWhite Toning
Whipping Mask
Highly-Enriched Snowy MaskHighly-Enriched
Snowy Mask