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Sound Of Botanic

Sound Of Botanic - Relax–Estrogen Design Therapy

Relax – Estrogen Design TherapyⅠ

The best healing solution for healthy & beautiful life
Female Hormone Balance Treatment

Hormone keeps balance of body through a human life. Among them, female hormone is closely related with woman’s healthy life.
Every woman’s hope is to grow old beautifully but they are easily exposed to environment which may cause hormone imbalance.
This Estrogen Design Therapy program helps you have satisfying life as a woman by relieving these factors with genuine treatment.
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Relax – Estrogen Design TherapyⅡ

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Rapport Prenatal Treatment

The pregnancy would be the most blessed and precious moment in women’s life.
Phy-mongShe provides valuable experience to you with Rapport Prenatal care for the best moment.

This treatment helps you to do health and comfort childbirth by helping to maintain a good physical balance and communing with baby.

Rapport Postnatal Treatment

This program helps to recover changes and symptoms which may happen after childbirth.
By caring both of inside and outside, it provides genuine beauty to woman.

* Rapport : Relationship that feels familiarity and trust each other


Relax – Estrogen Design TherapyⅢ

Sound of Botanic Garden

Estrogen unbalance caused by stress, nutritional unbalance and aging affects woman’s physical as well as mental health.

With soft Touch and the best aroma, this program provides relaxation and also helps to normalizes estrogen level.

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